One helluva intense trailer for Kill List

I am dying to see KILL LIST. Dying. So many trusted friends have seen it and raved about it, calling it the best horror film of the year. I've gotta find out for myself, but this trailer gives us a perfect little taste. 

The synopsis- Eight months after a botched job in Kiev, Jay (Neil Maskell) is an out-of-work hitman with no job, money, health insurance and a wife constantly on his case. But when his business partner Gal (Michael Smiley) comes over for dinner and pressures Jay into taking a new assignment, Jay quickly finds himself back in the game with the promise of a big payoff after three assassinations. Although the hits start off without incident, soon things begin to unravel and Jay's paranoia reveals itself as he is plunged into the heart of darkness.

This is the second film from director Ben Wheatley (DOWN TERRACE), and seems to continue his trend of dark, dark humor. The film's already won all sorts of awards (nearly sweeping with Best Film, Screenplay, Kill and Actor at Frightfest) and was official selection at SXSW, Toronto, and AFIFest. 

KILL LIST will open on February 3rd, 2012 at the IFC Center in NYC, but it will be available on January 4th on VOD.

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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