Prepare for a different kind of arrival in the trailer for Attraction

There's a movie in theaters now, Denis Villeneuve's ARRIVAL, and it's absolutely amazing - a real thinking man's sci-fi film, if you will. But sometimes you want to stimulate a little more than the intellectual itch, and that's where the Russian-made ATTRACTION comes into play. The following trailer is completely in its native tongue, so you can try your hand at YouTube's wonky subtitle translation if you like, but my advice to you is just let the trailer play as is and enjoy the madness that follows!

Jokes aside, I'm actually pretty interested to check this out. The effects are spot-on and the plot, whatever it may be, has me intrigued. I have no idea what these aliens want, or whether or not they're being friendly, but it looks like some sh*t is gonna go down! So if you haven't seen ARRIVAL in theaters already, do so! And then get ready for this! Because they're bound to be the ultimate companion pieces!

ATTRACTION opens in Russia in January of 2017.



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