Rumor: Ben Affleck unlikely to return as Batman for Matt Reeves film

There’s a lot of changes happening over at DC, and as a result, the upcoming slate of comic book movies from them and Warner Bros. is changing too. One aspect of the future movies subject to the most speculation and rumors regards the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman. One minute it’s "yes he's coming back", the next its "maybe not". Now as Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN gets closer to starting a new report hints the latter may be the reality.

According to a new report about the future of DC from THR, Reeves handed in his latest draft for a new Batman movie last week, and it’s one that supposedly centers on a younger version of Bruce Wayne. Should this prove true, it would mean that Affleck returning to the role of Batman, at least in this movie, is unlikely. Warner Bros. or DC have not commented on the matter.

As always, this should be treated as a rumor as no one really knows exactly what’s going on with Affleck or the Reeves movie. Reports have been floating around for some time about the movie potentially focusing on a younger Batman, with a rumor coming out recently that Reeves wanted Jake Gyllenhaal to play the Caped Crusader. 

Even Affleck himself seems unsure about his current status, saying doing Reeves' movie is something he's "contemplating" Around the same time, he said he wasn't sure what was happening next with the role, saying "we'll see what the future holds."

The report also shares a few more nuggets of info regarding future movies, including the Todd Phillips Joker movie and the upcoming Flash solo flick. Word is the Joker movie (of which Joaquin Phoenix is still rumored for the lead role) will have a budget of $55 million, which is vastly smaller than most superhero flicks. The movie could also be under the banner of a new DC label, such as "DC Dark" or "DC Black."  As for the Flash movie, the report confirms John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein (GAME NIGHT) are directing the movie, and that it will ditch the darker tone that was previously floated around for something BACK TO THE FUTURE-esque. 

An insider said these shifts are all apart of the plan for Walter Hamada, who was named WB's president of DC Entertainment-based film production in January. "Walter has a specific design for the universe," the insider says. "He has a plan."

The status of Affleck as Batman has been subject to so much speculation it's hard to keep track, but the only thing we know for sure is that we know nothing. Warner Bros., or anyone involved, has confirmed so little, and we won't know anything until they want us to. Affleck has won acclaim from fans for his iteration of the Dark Knight, and I hope he continues to play him in some Batman movie or another. Perhaps Reeves' Batman movie takes places outside main, connected universe, sort of like that planned Phillips Joker movie. We have more than enough room for more than one Batman, so I say bring as many as you want!

Source: THR



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