The First Purge teaser will make you proud to be a purging American

What makes America great? Apple pie? Farming? Big buildings? The ability to eat a KFC Famous Bowl while you apply for a small business loan? Well, in the world of the PURGE movies, killing people to preserve the overall peace is one of America’s hallmarks, and it would be fascinating to see how our great country got to that point. The new movie in the series – THE FIRST PURGE – has just put out a red, white and blue teaser before a trailer drops (maybe Super Bowl Sunday?), with plenty of good ol’ fashioned imagery to make you proud to be a purging American.

As well, the first teaser poster dropped, using an image of a very familiar red hat to eerie effect. Take a look below!

Normally I scoff at prequels, but when it comes to this series I think it's an interesting topic. The movie will go back to illustrate the events that led to the very first Purge, and will no doubt use the modern political landscape as a basis. The premise of the PURGE movies has certainly seeped into the psyche of Americans, with people joking that our country is currently headed down the path to instituting a real Purge-like scenario. I don't think Americans will ever go that far as to greenlight a real Purge night every year, but maybe the movie will make me realize how wrong I am.

THE FIRST PURGE arrives July 4. 



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