The Meg early reactions: Exactly the fun & crazy shark fest you hoped for

The summer movie season is filled with superheroes, sequels, and animated children’s flicks, but it isn’t really summer until a shark goes mad and starts eating unsuspecting beachgoers. THE MEG means to bring us just that in the biggest package yet as iconic tough guy Jason Statham goes toe-to-toe with a prehistoric Megalodon shark. The only way to do that sort of movie justice is to make it big, loud, silly, fun, and with tons of shark chomping, and according to early reactions that’s just what we will get.

Critics and journalists got a chance to see the big-budget shark movie recently and the first reactions are giving a wave of praise for the movie. This is the kind of movie where you go in, shut off the brain, and watch the madness unfold, and word is director Jon Turteltaub doesn’t pretend this movie is anything different. Reactions praise the loose atmosphere, impressive effects and an overall tone that never takes itself too seriously, but still allows you to connect with what’s going on. In short, if you’re looking for a big, dumb shark movie done smartly, this is the one for you.

THE MEG swims into theaters August 10.

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