The winner and entries for the 4th annual JoBlo Halloween Costume Contest!

The results are in!

The 4th Annual JoBlo.com Halloween Costume Contest has proven to be an even better year than last with so many entries. Seriously, you guys do NOT make it easy to choose a winner and that's saying something. Seemed like The Joker, Back to the Future, and Harley Quinn were the main favorites this year (I can only imagine what it'll be like once BVS and SUICIDE SQUAD come out next year). Some of our top favorites were Duct Tape Batman (from BVS), Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man, Mahatma Zombie, LEGO Captain America, Star Wars family (awesome Chewbacca), and so many more! However, we can only choose one winner and this year we selected...

...'70's style Star Wars with Lando, Leia, Han, and Jewbacca!

Congratulations, Brendon Phillips!
You will be awarded an awesome JoBlo.com-related T-shirt (or Bobblehead) of your choosing along with a $100 gift card from Amazon.com! (Check your e-mail later today!)

Now, it's YOUR turn to vote!

Think we got the winner wrong? No worries! Now it's your turn to let us know who YOUR favorites are. We'll be awarding TWO ADDITIONAL WINNERS, but this time the winners will be chosen BY YOU! That's right, folks, the choice is yours, so scroll below and take a look at all the terrific entries and let us know who you think deserves a win! (reader's choice winners will take home a JoBlo.com t-shirt or Bobblehead!) Thanks to EVERYONE who participated! See you again next year!

Check out all the entries below!

I've included my son in his Kylo Ren costume. Not part of the competition, but just here to join the fun.

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