There's no escaping Kong in the final action-packed trailer for Skull Island

Kong Skull Island banner

We're a little over a week away from seeing King Kong back on the silver screen and Warner Bros. has dropped their most action-packed trailer yet! For those curious to know if Kong will be battling some serious monsters this time around, this trailer should placate all those fears and then some! It's time for Kong to punch everything in the face with the latest trailer for SKULL ISLAND!

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has made some serious efforts to ensure that the action in this film would look and feel different than that of other big-budget movies hitting theaters these days, and I'm inclined to say that he's succeeded. There's a lot of great money shots here, but my only worry is that Warner Bros. has shown us a little too much with this one. Still, I'm eager to check out SKULL ISLAND when it hits theaters and see how it compares to Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA. One thing's for sure; there's going to be a lot of screen time dedicated to the big guy!

KONG: SKULL ISLAND will open in theaters on March 10, 2017.

Kong Skull Island poster

Source: Warner Bros.



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