Topher Grace edited all 10 Star Wars movies into an epic five-minute trailer

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Yes, that Topher Grace.

About seven years ago, the THAT 70’S SHOW and, most recently, BLACKKKLANSMAN actor held a movie premiere that has become the stuff of nerd legend, wherein he screened his own 85-minute cut of all the STAR WARS prequel movies. The fan film combined the best footage from the three movies and cut out all the hours of stuff that is everything from mediocre to downright awful – with Jar Jar Binks reduced to one line, for instance. Now the actor is back, and this time he got the whole swath of the modern SW canon to work with and has taken all 10 movies and edited them down one epic, five-minute trailer.

The trailer covers every movie from A NEW HOPE to SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, incorporating scenes that jump between the original trilogy to the prequels, going from that very first movie with Luke (Mark Hamill) on Tatooine, across his journey into the new trilogy, and settling on Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) story. That is a daunting task, no doubt, but together with Jeff Yorkes, the two crafted something that flows seamlessly to prove that when you take the best elements of the SW saga and put them together, it creates a jaw-dropping tapestry of sci-fi action and emotional moments.

The first fan edit he did years ago was more of a fan taking what he saw as a flawed trilogy of films and fixing it in a way he thought would work best. Now with this, he and Yorkes seemed to be in the headspace of wanting to craft a love letter to the whole saga. With all the key moments bouncing back and forth to paint a picture of a complete story that spans over 40 years of movie history, this trailer should remind fans what made them fall in love with the series in the first place. Bravo, gentleman.

Source: Topher Grace



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