Uwais, Chen & Jaa bring the pain in Triple Threat trailer

You know a movie is so confident in its awesomeness that when the trailer hits it doesn’t even bother to hint at a story, and instead shows its three badass leading stars delivering beat-down after beat-down. It’s that kind of confidence that makes the trailer for TRIPLE THREAT such an undeniable delight. Showcasing three of the martial arts community’s biggest stars – Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen and Iko Ukawis – THREAT doesn’t need to advertise its plot; all the flying kicks and fists will sell the show.

See, not much for story detail. Instead we got just a non-stop show of action and chaos, because why do you need anything else with a movie like this? I would watch almost any movie with either of these three in it, but having all three in there is almost too much for me to handle. Plus, if the line-up wasn't awesome enough, there's Michael Jai White. Forget THE EXPENDABLES, these guys can take it from here.

TRIPLE THREAT is coming 2018.

Source: Well Go USA



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