Netflix now testing Patches, a gaming achievement-like binge system

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Are you the type of gamer who enjoys collecting achievements and trophies as a reward for some your most epic gaming moments? Well, then you might be very interested to know that, as of the past few weeks, Netflix has been testing their own "achievements" system wherein they award viewers with patches for binge-watching episodes of pre-selected content.

It wasn't that long ago when Twitter users began tweeting about the inclusion of red and white padlock emblems adorning several family-friendly shows on the streamer. Since that time, Variety reached out to the network, and discovered that, yes, the patches are indeed a thing. When asked to comment on the curious, new system, a Netflix spokesman told the entertainment outlet the following:

“We are testing a new feature on select kids titles that introduces collectible items for a more interactive experience and to expand the storytelling world for the show. We learn by testing and this feature may or may not become part of the Netflix experience.”

So far, tuning into the content marked by the padlock-syle emblem does not unlock any additional content for the program, though that could change depending on the response Netflix gets to the in-trial system. Without having much information, several viewers have expressed confusion about the new Patches initiative, in relation to how it will change their viewing experience, if at all.

There's also a growing concern among select Netflix subscribers who feel that their children already watch too much Netflix, and that introducing a reward-like system for binge-watching shows will have an adverse effect on motivating their young ones to go out and experience the world. On the other end of the spectrum, some Netflix users have already embraced the new Patch feature, saying that “Netflix patches: making me feel like a binge watching girl scout.”

It's also worth noting that Netflix is a company that consistently strives to innovate on their service, though not all of their ideas become a part of the streaming experience after the testing phase is complete.

What do you think about Netflix introducing patches to their service? Would you be down with it if there were some way of showing your binge-inspired progress to the rest of the world? Do you think it's odd that they're targeting family-friendly content first, which could in turn be misconstrued as predatory behavior toward younger viewers? Do the parents who are worried about their kids watching too much Netflix need to step up and pull the plug? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Variety

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