Netflix Reveals First Images of David Fincher’s 30s-Era Film, Mank

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

David Fincher's newest Netflix film, MANK, is swiftly approaching its October release date. And now, to whet our appetites, the film has released a bevy of initial images (up top and below) on the 79th anniversary of CITIZEN KANE's wide theatrical release. Why does that matter? Well…

In MANK, Gary Oldman transforms into famed Hollywood screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and Amanda Seyfried becomes starlet Marion Davies. The Netflix drama, written by Jack Fincher (David's father!), follows the titular screenwriter as he rushes to get his CITIZEN KANE screenplay to Orson Welles.

Honestly, I normally wouldn't be interested in this type of fare, however David Fincher changes everything! And having Gary Oldman as the lead doesn't hurt as well. The rest of the cast features Arliss Howard, Tom Pelphrey, Sam Troughton, Tuppence Middleton, Ferdinand Kingsley, Tom Burke, Joseph Cross, Jamie McShane, Toby Leonard Moore, Monika Gossmann and Charles Dance. Are you excited for MANK? Please let us know below!

Source: Deadline

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