New trailer arrives for werewolf movie Uncaged

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Back in July, we shared a trailer for director Daniel Robbins' UNCAGED, a new horror film that we're hoping will be something that the genre has a serious shortage of: an exceptionally good werewolf movie.

UNCAGED is set to be released to disc and VOD on February 2nd by RLJ Entertainment, and to help build the hype on the way to that date the distributor has released a new trailer, which can be seen below.

Zack Weiner, Ben Getz, and Gene Jones star in the film, which has the following synopsis: 

Orphaned as a child in the wake of a grisly tragedy, Jack was raised alongside his cousin and best friend, Brandon. At age 18, however, Jack’s otherwise uneventful life takes a sinister turn when he’s suddenly plagued by a series of bizarre sleepwalking episodes. After repeatedly waking up in the woods naked with no memory of the night before, Jack straps a camera to himself to document his behavior — and discovers a shocking truth: He is the unwitting heir to a monstrous family legacy of savagery, slaughter and unrelenting horror from which death may be the only escape!

UNCAGED definitely has my attention. I love the concept of werewolves and would really like to have more great werewolf movies to watch.

Source: B-D

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