New trilogy based on The Conjuring’s Perron family may be headed our way

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Okay, let’s start this whole thing off with a refresher course.

THE CONJURING was based on the real-life case of The Perron family. Andrea Perron (played by Shanley Caswell in the movie) grew up and wrote a series of books based on her family’s experience during that time. Those were collected into three volumes of her book series House of Darkness House of Light (buy them HERE). 

Perron recently sat down with Dread Central and talked about the books and her plans for the three screenplays she is currently writing based on the events that were already covered within James Wan’s THE CONJURING.

Okay. So basically what we are looking at here is a possible new trilogy of films based on the Perron Family’s haunting, which was aided by Ed and Lorraine Warren. Fair deal. I mean how many damn AMITYVILLE movies have there been? I think the world can handle more adventures with the Perrons and the Warrens.

Anyhow I’ll let Andrea Perron give you the current rundown on the possible films:

The [film] could not conceivably compress ten years [of my life] into 2 hours. The film was based on the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. [They] were actually thrown out of our house by my father after they conducted a seance that went so horribly wrong that it almost cost my mother her life. Lorraine has always put herself out for other people. They were just in over their heads. Lorraine admitted that to me 40 years after I had met her. She said that from the moment they stepped over the threshold, [she knew] that they were dealing with something so dark… so intense… so compelling… so disturbing that they considered it the most significant of all the investigations that they had ever conducted.

Perron continues:

I have spent the last year writing three screenplays. I’ve got a movie deal. House of Darkness House of Light, the whole true story, exactly how I transcribed it from the books into a screenplay [will be] going up on the screen. I don’t know what [the MPAA] is going to rate it, or even if they’re going to know how to rate it, but I’m promising you that we have three films coming your way that will curl your hair and make you cry for your mommy.

That’s a bold statement, Andrea Perron. A bold statement indeed. 

That said, I’m down for any movie that could potentially curl my hair (good luck with my hairline) and make me cry for my mommy (this could totally happen). But enough about how I feel regarding a possible new trilogy of films based on the true tale THE CONJURING was based on.

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Source: Dread Central

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