Paul Thomas Anderson praises Edge of Tomorrow & The Grand Budapest Hotel

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Paul Thomas Anderson Edge of Tomorrow The Grand Budapest Hotel

Earlier this month, Paul Thomas Anderson said he enjoys comic book movies while defending the genre, and during an interview with Dazed, the INHERENT VICE director revealed he's also a big fan of Doug Liman's EDGE OF TOMORROW and Wes Anderson's THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

Anderson says he thought his MAGNOLIA star Tom Cruise was at his best in EDGE OF TOMORROW.

Did you see Edge Of Tomorrow? It’s f*cking great. And no one went to see that movie. That was Cruise at his best. You watch Tom Cruise, and you say ‘There’s no one else that can do that.’ There’s not a moment when you say, ‘I could see someone else playing that part.’ It never occurs to you. There’s only one man that can do this, and it’s Tom Cruise.

The director goes on to say he was very impressed with THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, but there is a spoiler in his praise for the film, so you may want to skip this part if you haven't seen it yet.

I thought that The Grand Budapest Hotel was about nostalgia in such a beautiful way. No matter what anyone has to say about Wes Anderson, you can’t fault that movie. Looking back at another time when manners and good hotel service was standard, f*cking standard. The fact they take him out and kill him at the end… That movie is so f*cking good.

Paul Thomas Anderson obviously isn't the only one who loved THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. The Wes Anderson film is up for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

Can you just picture Paul Thomas Anderson laughing at Tom Cruise dying over and over again, or chuckling at Ralph Fiennes' performance? I always like reading what films directors like (besides their own of course), and I'm glad to see the director had a blast with EDGE OF TOMORROW and THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

Anderson's INHERENT VICE is still playing in some theaters.

Source: Dazed

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