Peacemaker season two takes place after 2025’s Superman; Gunn says S1 not canon

James Gunn confirmed where the sophomore season of Peacemaker is set in the DC Universe, adding that the first season is not canon.


Do you really, do you really wanna taste it? Yes, we do! But where will that taste — that is, season two of Peacemaker — land in the DC Universe timeline? That was one of the biggest questions when it was announced that the DCU would be replacing the DCEU. But James Gunn has stepped in to clear up any confusion…even if it still might be a little unclear just how it will all eventually come together.

James Gunn took to Threads — as he has grown quite fond of — to address where season two of Peacemaker sits in the evolving DC Universe, writing that it “will take place after the events in Superman.” It’s absolutely also worth noting that Gunn said that season one — which was released in 2022 and so part of the DCEU — is not canon in the DCU. Got it? Good, moving on!

The topic of Waller — the spin-off of both Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad based on the DC character Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis — was also brought up. And so where does that take place within the DC Universe? According to Gunn, “Everything in Waller will take place after Peacemaker.” So to break it down, Gunn’s 2025 Superman will take place before the next season of The Peacemaker will take place before Waller. See? That’s not too confusing!

The DC Universe has a lot of potential, at least compared to the works that came before it in the DCEU. Unlike that timeline, the DC Universe will have more than one television series, with Peacemaker and Waller being joined by Creature Commandos, Lanterns and a series centering on Arkham Asylum. Movie-wise, the DC Universe has much to hopefully be excited about, with Superman within the same timeline as The Brave and the Bold, The Authority, Swamp Thing, and more.

Peacemaker’s debut season not falling into the canon of the brand reboot may not sit well with its fanbase but it does also open up a lot of potential that DC truly needs to capitalize on to regain the faith of its followers. Let’s just hope we’re not being thrown an invisible bone.

How do you feel about season one of Peacemaker not being canon? What overall place do you see the series and character having in the DC Universe? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Threads

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