Perfect moms are in big trouble in new Bad Moms trailer

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

bad moms, kristen bell, mila kunis, kathryn hahn

No one likes those perfect overachievers who constantly want to tell everyone how awesome they are and treat others as if they are somehow beneath them. Screw those people. We all hope they eventually get knocked down a peg when karma finds the perfect time, so we can feel better about just doing what we can to be slightly above-average. 

That's pretty much the basis for BAD MOMS, which showcases the talents of Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn throwing up their hands, saying "F*ck this shit" and raging against the perfect parent community that wants to chastise anyone who doesn't do everything flawlessly. Christina Applegate fronts those who take the P.T.A. way too seriously and who probably live vicariously through their kids' achievements as if it is somehow a reflection of their parenting abilities. 

I get the feeling we're going to get an epic showdown towards the tail end of summer here that has the potential to really score at the box office, given how few female-centric comedies we've seen as of late. When you make something that looks promising for women at the movies, they certainly do show up. 

BAD MOMS opens in theaters on July 29.

Source: STX Entertainment

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