Poll: Favorite A24 Movie

The independent distributer A24 has become a major player in Hollywood. What movie of their vast filmography has been your favorite?

It is a rare thing when just the studio attached to a movie can get butts in seats, but that is just what Independent Film Company A24 has done since they were formed in 2012. From humble beginnings with the Roman Coppola directed A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III to break out hits like Ex Machine and The Witch. More recently the studio became the first one to ever sweep the top six awards at this past years Oscars when their films Everything Everywhere All At Once and The Whale took home Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. As their latest film Talk To Me continues to put up impressive numbers at the box office, we wanted to know: What A24 releases has been your favorite? We compiled a pretty comprehensive list, but if you don’t see your favorite listed, please hit the “Other” option and tell us what it is in the comments.

What is your favorite A24 Film?

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