Revealer: Shudder Original horror film is getting a tie-in comic book

Yesterday, we shared the trailer for Revealer, a horror film that was written by bestselling comic book authors Tim Seeley and Michael Moreci and will be released through the Shudder streaming service on June 23rd. Given the history of the writers – Seeley’s comic book work includes Hack/Slash and Revival, while Moreci’s titles include The Plot, Curse, Barbaric, and Wasted Space – it’s no surprise to hear that Revealer will also be receiving a one-shot comic book tie-in. Bleeding Cool reports that Vault Comics will be releasing the Revealer comic book on August 31st.

The Revealer comic has been written by Seeley, Moreci, the film’s director Luke Boyce, and producer Aaron B. Koontz.

Starring Caito Aase (2 in the Bush: A Love Story) and Shaina Schrooten, who will also be seen in the upcoming Shudder anthology sequel Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge, the film is set in

Chicago, 1987 as we follow Angie Pittarelli on a typical work day. Angie works as a dancer at the Revealers Bookstore peep show booth. When an uprising takes place outside the store, her boss is killed in an altercation, leaving Angie stranded inside the booth, unable to escape. To make matters worse, hiding out in the booth next to hers is none other than Sally Mewbourne, an overzealous religious protester that seems to get a kick out of regularly harassing Angie. Sally believes the apocalypse is nigh and the rapture has occurred, which sends her into a bit of a tizzy. Angie and Sally are forced to figure out how to work together to escape and navigate the treacherous bootlegger tunnels below the store to survive the unthinkable.

Seeley had this to say about the Revealer comic book:

We made a movie! And, of course, being comic book guys, we had to make a comic that ties into that movie. Vault is giving us a chance to tell some stories that we couldn’t do in the film, and play in the sandbox created by the great Luke Boyce.”

Moreci added:

I’m thrilled beyond words about all of this. Making a movie has been my dream for as long as I can remember. And getting a chance to now marry two of my loves – movies and comics – is so cool. We’ve got so many great stories to tell in the Revealer universe, and along with director Luke Boyce and a few others, we’re going to put out a comic we’re very excited about.”

The comic book, which features art by Dean Kotz, will consist of four stories that tie directly into the movie. This will allow fans to “learn more about the characters, the lore, the Revealers adult bookstore, and what awaits on the other side of the Biblical apocalypse.” The cover of the comic can be seen below. Vault notes that “all net proceeds from the Revealer comic will be donated to Brave Space Alliance, the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ+ centre located on the South Side of Chicago.”


Source: Bleeding Cool

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