Riz Ahmed in talks to bring modern-day Hamlet to Netflix

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Riz Ahmed has had a stellar year, with breakout roles in HBO’s THE NIGHT OF, being part of the cast of ROGUE ONE, and winning an Emmy for his work on the former, making him the first actor of South Asian descent to do so. The actor is riding high and is using some of that well-earned clout to tackle his dream project, which involves playing the lead in one of William Shakespeare’s greatest works – “Hamlet.” To be or not to be…will most likely not be the question because chances are this is definitely going to happen.

Deadline confirmed that Netflix is in negotiations to buy a contemporary retelling of the classic work from Ahmed and screenwriter Mike Lesslie (MACBETH, ASSASSIN’S CREED). Word is Ahmed will take on the lead role with Netflix putting up the money and distributing it on their massive digital service. The movie is also set to be produced by ATTACK THE BLOCK’s Jim Wilson.

The movie will take place in modern London, and will address themes of “familial honor, moral duty, and dynastic corruption.” No word yet on who will direct, who will fill out the supporting roles or when production could get started. Ahmed was recently cast in Sony’s upcoming VENOM movie, and so chances are Ahmed could start on HAMLET after he is done shooting that film.

Ahmed came onto my radar when I saw him alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in NIGHTCRAWLER, and since then his career has skyrocketed and has reaped the awards in the process, on top of being in one of the biggest movies ever made. The dude has earned all the work and respect he’s getting, and I’m sure he would nail it as Hamlet. 

VENOM is set for October 2018.

Source: Deadline

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