Jake Gyllenhaal posts first pic from the Road House reboot

It looks like that Road House reboot that Prime Video is financing has started shooting, with star Jake Gyllenhaal posting a pic of him and director Doug Liman calling action via Instagram:

While I’m still not sure a Road House remake is a great idea, the fact that Gyllenhaal is starring, with a director of Liman’s calibre shooting it, makes me hope it’s a great little movie. That said, look at Gyllenhaal’s hair in that pic. What is going on here, Jake? How could you remake a film like Road House and not rock a Patrick Swayze-style mullet? Or at least feather it a bit? All kidding aside, Gyllenhaal seems to be sporting a lower-key look in the lead than Swayze did in the original. This probably isn’t a bad idea, as it’ll help distinguish the two films from each other. In this one, Gyllenhaal plays a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer at a bar in the Florida Keys. No news yet on whether his character will be named Dalton or not, but it sounds like they’re doing their own thing.

Real-life UFC champ Conor McGregor co-stars (his film debut), along with The Suicide Squad’s Daniela Melchior and Billy Magnussen. Joel Silver, who famously produced the original, is back in the producer’s chair for this one, and the film is currently shooting in the Dominican Republic.

Road House is another interesting step into the action genre for Gyllenhaal, who seems to be trying to reinvent himself somewhat. Earlier this year, he played a memorable anti-hero in Michael Bay’s Ambulance (who wishes Gyllenhaal luck in the comments on Instagram), and he also just wrapped Guy Ritchie’s The Interpreter, which is also coming out via Prime Video. They seem to be doubling down on Jake Gyllenhaal as an action hero, so hopefully, this Road House remake/reboot lives up to the original and is a lot of fun.

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