Salma Hayek talks Bliss, Mind-Benders, Owen Wilson, and More (Interview)

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

One of the most impressive aspects of Mike Cahill's latest science-fiction mind trip Bliss is the cast itself. The film features Owen Wilson in a different type of role for the actor. It also stars the very talented Salma Hayek, who gives a terrific performance as a woman who may or may not be crazy in an insane world. Strange and weirdly compelling, the film takes on more than just the fantastical as it looks into the abyss of mental illness and addiction in a very creative way.

We recently had the great pleasure to chat with the incredible Salma Hayek about this fanciful world created by Mike Cahill. She opened up about taking on the role and working with a director like Cahill. Delightful and warm, Ms. Hayek talked about the ideas presented in the film, and how that drew her in. It's well worth checking out Bliss which is currently available on Amazon Prime. While this strange little feature may not work for all audiences, I'd wager that there's quite a few of you who'll appreciate the mind-f*ck world it offers.


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