Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren hunt monsters in trailer for creature feature Legendary

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

What could be more fun than watching Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren face off against one another? How about watching the two action stars face off against each other and a cryptid? That sounds like what we're in for with LEGENDARY (formerly TOMB OF THE DRAGON), a new creature-feature from director Eric Styles, whose previous directorial effort was a 2008 Heather Graham romantic comedy MISS CONCEPTION (talk about scary!), and screenwriter Andy Briggs, the author of the recent Syfy Original premiere THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT.

Below you will find the most recent trailer for LEGENDARY, which actually looks pretty fun in a B-movie, goofy good time kinda way. A little monster mayhem mixed with the potential of seeing Adkins and Lundgren throwing down yet again…count me in!

Travis (Adkins) and his team travel to China in search of what isn’t supposed to exist… their mission is to capture a cryptid that is wreaking havoc in a remote village where a water pipeline is being built. They need to do this before Harker (Lundgren), the legendary bounty hunter, finds and kills it — and before anyone else falls victim to its rage.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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