She’s All That remake is headed to Netflix in a reported $20 million deal

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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The gender-swapped remake of the 1999 hit teen comedy She's All That has found its home. He's All That has been picked up by Netflix and the deal reportedly cost the streamer somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million according to "Deadline."

The reboot is getting a gender-swapped twist with Tik Tok star Addison Rae, in a role inspired by Freddie Prinze Jr’s Zackary Siler, playing Padgett Sawyer, who accepts a challenge to turn the school’s least popular boy (Tanner Buchanan) into prom king, attempting to avenge herself following a humiliating fallout with her boyfriend. The reboot also stars Madison Pettis, Petyon Meyer, Isabella Crovetti, Annie Jacob, and Myra Molloy. You can check out the first official image from the film below!

Also returning from the 1999 original film is Rachel Leigh Cook, who played nerd Laney Boggs. Cook was the subject of the makeover the first time around but she will not be playing Laney in the reboot.  She'll instead play the mother of Padgett Sawyer, played by Addison Rae in the film. Cook's involvement gives the reboot a little bit more credibility with fans of the original who may give it a watch knowing she's onboard.

She's All That was released back in 1999 and became a surprise hit as it capitalized on the teen movie boom that took over during the late '90s. While critics weren't 100 percent impressed, the film was huge with its target audience and went on to gross $63.3 million domestically and $103.1 million worldwide. All on a very slim $10 million budget.

He's All That, which is directed by Mean Girls and Freaky Friday helmer Mark Waters, is expected to hit Netflix later this year. This is likely going to be a pretty big acquisition for them because Addison Rae is VERY popular via Tik Tok and I imagine they'll all be flocking over to Netflix to see her major motion picture debut.

Will YOU be watching He's All That?

Source: Deadline

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