Box Office: Spider-Man: No Way Home reclaims the top spot from Scream

Scream knocked Spider-Man: No Way Home from the top spot last weekend but our favorite little web-slinger reclaimed the box office crown this weekend to prove it’s still a champ with moviegoers.

Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed $14.1 million over the weekend. That’s a relatively slim decline of 30% from the previous frame and it just demonstrates that the film is still continuing to get repeat business from movie fans. With a domestic gross of $721 million to date, the film is now the fourth highest-grossing movie of all time at the domestic box office and after pulling in another $27.7 million from overseas markets, the film brings its global haul to $1.69 billion.

Scream saw the typical horror decline this weekend with a drop of 59% to bring its box office take to $12.4 million this weekend. Horror films, even good ones, tend to be frontloaded and Scream was no exception. The second-weekend ease is a bit better than Scream 4 (-61%) and richer than the previous installment, which did $7 million in weekend 2. Among the franchise’s second weekends, Scream 2022 ranks third behind Scream 3 ($16.3 million) and Scream 2 ($13.9 million). The good news here is that the film only cost $24 million to make and it has already grossed $51.3 million at the domestic box office. Overseas, the film grossed $10.2 million over the weekend and brought its overseas total to $33.6 million. Scream is a hit and it won’t be long until we hear news of a new installment.

In third, we find Sing 2 which grossed $5.7 million over the weekend. That’s a slim decline of 28% and it’s made even more impressive because Sing 2 is available for home viewing via PVOD. The animated sequel has grossed $128.4 million to date at the domestic box office and after grossing $12.8 million from overseas markets, the film brings its global haul to $241.2 million

In fourth place, we have Redeeming Love which pulled in $3.7 million over the weekend. The film is based on a novel by “B+” CinemaScore which is on the low end for faith-based films of this kind so I don’t expect the movie to have much more life at the box office in the weeks ahead.

Rounding out the top five is The King’s Man with a gross of $1.7 million. That’s another slim decline of 20% but the film needed these holds earlier in the game and a bigger box office debut to not be considered a disappointment. The film brings its domestic total to $31.5 million this weekend and after pulling in an additional $6.2 million from overseas markets, the film brings its global total to $105.3 million.

What are YOUR thoughts on this weekend’s box office?

1 Spider-Man: No Way Home $14.1 M $721 M
2 Scream $12.4 M $51.3 M
3 Sing 2 $5.7 M $128.4 M
4 Redeeming Love $3.7 M $3.7 M
5 The King's Man $1.7 M $31.5 M
6 The 355 $1.6 M $11 M
7 American Underdog $1.2 M $23.1 M
8 The King's Daughter $750 k $750 k
9 West Side Story $698 k $35 M
10 Licorice Pizza $683 k $10.7 M
Source: Deadline

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