Stephen King’s IT mini-series documentary w/ Tim Curry officially announced!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

I'm way too excited about this. As you guys may remember, a few weeks back I shared a news article about a feature-length retrospective on the 1990 ABC mini-series of STEPHEN KING'S IT was coming our way from the makers of UNEARTH & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY and YOU'RE SO COOL, BREWSTER: THE STORY OF FRIGHT NIGHT.

Well today there was finally confirmation on the upcoming documentary, titled PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT, when the filmmakers aka Dead Mouse productions took to Facebook and released the following statement and image.

The Facebook post quite simple states:

Very happy to announce our next documentary 'Pennywise: The Story of IT' featuring the legend that is TIM CURRY – More details soon!

Bring on those details, boys. I will be all over every single one of them! 

Oh, this is a joyous day, indeed. I own the 1990 mini-series, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, on both VHS (old school) and DVD. Where's the Blu-ray? Come on now, let's not get crazy here. I cannot wait to able to add this flick to the collection!

Anyhow, yes, I am a major fan of both Tim Curry (who isn't?) and IT (1990). I will make sure to keep you guys up to date on any and all news I hear on the progress of PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT!

Will Seth Green be featured??

Source: Facebook

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