Tenet unveils re-release trailer as it comes back to theaters for one week in 70MM and IMAX with Dune 2 footage

Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan are inverting time to release Tenet back into theaters where audiences can experience it on IMAX as it was meant to be seen.

With all the attention brought on Christopher Nolan with his first post-Warner Bros. film, Oppenheimer, the studio with the famous shield has been itching to reconnect with the auteur. Nolan, himself, says his issues with Warners is “water under the bridge” and it looks as if they’re going to try for a second take at getting audiences to see Tenet in theaters. The John David Washington time-bending vehicle was originally released in the thick of the pandemic and made an effort to make movies a safe place to go again after having closed down. However, Warner Bros. had also put into affect a temporary release plan that made Tenet available on HBO Max as the movie still played in theaters. This was not the ideal release for Nolan who made sure he filmed for the biggest screens possible with IMAX. Warner Bros. has now announced that for one week only, Tenet will invert time to go back into theaters beginning Friday, February 23. Additionally, these screenings will feature exclusive footage from Dune: Part Two, and dovetails into the debut of Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated film, in theaters and IMAX on Friday, March 1. You can check out the re-release trailer above.

The two visionary directors are excited for audiences to experience this event as both had their films made available for HBO Max during their theatrical run, which dissuaded audiences from going to the movies. Nolan remarks, “Seeing the way audiences responded to our large format presentations of Oppenheimer, I’m thrilled that Warner Bros. is giving audiences a chance to see Tenet the way it was intended to be seen, on the largest IMAX and large format film screens, and I’m honored to have our movie warm up the film projectors for Denis’ jaw- dropping Dune: Part Two.”

Villeneuve would also show his excitement, saying, “As an audience member, I have always valued Chris’s forward thinking when it comes to shooting on film and especially in large formats. As directors, we are completely in sync; on Dune, we shot several sequences for IMAX, and I simply loved it, so for Dune: Part Two, we pushed it to 100 percent of the movie. Working with the IMAX format was the only way to capture the experience of Arrakis, Giedi Prime and the Imperium for audiences. That is why I am just as eager to see Tenet again, but now in 70mm IMAX, the way they filmed it, to fully appreciate his vision for this incredible film.”

In addition to their ticket purchase, moviegoers will be gifted a once-in-a-lifetime piece of film history, literally: a collectible filmstrip from Tenet, while supplies last.

Tickets for Dune: Part Two are on sale tomorrow, January 26.


Source: Warner Bros.

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