Terry Crews & Ludacris to lead modern folklore adaptation John Henry

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

John Henry, Terry Crews, Ludacris

Saban Films announced on Tuesday that they've acquired the North American rights to JOHN HENRY, a modern folklore adaptation that will serve as Will Forbes' directorial debut. Recently attached to the project, which has been written by Forbes and Doug Skinner, are BROOKLYN NINE-NINE alum Terry Crews and Ludacris of the FAST & FURIOUS fame.

Here's the official synopsis for JOHN HENRY via Saban Films:

John Henry, a modern adaption of an African-American folk hero of the same name, follows Henry (Crews) after he abandons a crime-riddled life for a peaceful one in Los Angeles. But when he crosses paths with two immigrant kids who are running from the leader of his former gang, he’s forced to confront the violence of his past life in hopes of saving them.

In other words, Terry's going to have to put the hurt on some thugs. Watch out, criminal element, you're about to board the Pain Train to Terry Town!

“The tale of John Henry is classic and legendary for many,” said Saban Films’ Bill Bromiley.  “Terry and Ludacris’ performances are particularly inspiring, and we are delighted to share this contemporary telling with our audiences.”

In addition to starring in the film, Crews and Ludacris will also executive produce alongside Matthew Antoun and Mark Strome on behalf of iWood Studios and DJ Quik.

Framed as a dramatic thriller, JOHN HENRY is looking to seek redemption while cracking some skulls in theaters in early 2020.

Source: Saban Films

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