The 3D TV market suffers another blow as ESPN 3D shuts down

Every time I have mentioned my disdain for 3D conversions in articles I am met with opposition for a small group of Schmoes who tell me I have not experienced the quality of a 3D television. They all proclaim it to be a better movie experience than seeing the 3D in a theater. Well, I have seen 3D television, both on Blu-ray and cable broadcasts, and I am still unimpressed. 3D still feels like an upcharge that is rarely warranted. To this day, AVATAR remains my sole positive 3D movie experience where I found the format to have added to the film.

Well, another sign has arrived to herald the downfall of 3D. ABC News is reporting that after three years of 3D TV releases since AVATAR hit theaters, the number of theatrical 3D movies is down 20%. The article also states that only 6% of homes are equipped to view 3D movies.

“The ESPN decision is a sign that the 3-D ecosystem is not healthy,” said Laura Martin, an analyst with investment banking firm Needham & Co. “It must be there’s not enough demand for 3-D TV.”

3D was looked at as a new milestone in the movie-going experience but has instead turned into another gimmick that is fading into obscurity. Aside from the awful post-conversion process, it is a strain on eyes to watch 3D movies at all, let alone for hours on end. While I doubt 3D will disappear completely, this does not instill much confidence in the format.

As Ultra HD begins to gain a hold in the production of new televisions, new advances in 3D technology may invigorate the format for a new generation of films. For me, I would rather see a clean, digital HD movie in 2D rather than wear special glasses.

Source: ABC News

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