The Girls, another Manson Family movie, in the works; Scott Rudin producing

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

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Charles Manson must be proud. The madman, who has inspired countless books and movies, is evidently more relevant than ever right now. There's a television show based on his infamous "family" in production; Rob Zombie is reportedly working on a tale about his exploits; and we're still awaiting the release of the in-the-can MANSON GIRLS, starring Bill Moseley.

And we're not finished yet.

The movie rights to a new book about the Manson family titled THE GIRLS have already been bought, according to Deadline. Mega-producer Scott Rudin (THERE WILL BE BLOOD, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN) acquired the Emma Cline novel after a reportedly intense bidding war.

The plot:

The novel takes place in the combustible summer of 1969, where a 14-year-old named Evie lives in boredom in Marin County. The product of recently divorced parents, she is restless and unable to get much attention from either of them. She befriends and falls into an accidental friendship with an older and beguiling drifter named Suzanne. The young girl soon is sucked into the turbulent counterculture waters of what is to become an infamous commune, run by a charismatic madman. Evie quickly finds herself under the sway of the madman and closer than she knows to unthinkable violence. The book is a meditation on how power is lost when one looks to find it in others and surrenders free will to them, and how far some will go for a sense of counting for something.

Now we'll wait and see who else becomes attached to this, what's sure to be the highest-profile Manson-related project to come along in quite a while.

Source: Deadline

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