The Hitcher director Robert Harmon blown away by the 4K restoration

The Hitcher director Robert Harmon is very impressed by Second Sight Films’ 4K restoration of his 1986 classic

A year and a half has gone by since we heard that Second Sight Films had tracked down the original camera negative for the 1986 classic The Hitcher (watch it HERE), which would allow them to do a full restoration and a 4K release. Now Second Sight has shared an update on the status of the 4K restoration, complete with a quote from director Robert Harmon!

Harmon was quoted as saying, “Stunned by how great it looks… beautiful work!! Really, this movie has no business looking this good considering how ancient the elements are. Thanks to everyone for dedication way beyond anything I could ever have hoped for.” Second Sight added that, “We’re thrilled at Robert’s reaction and owe a huge thanks for his time and supervision. Nearing end of the grading stage, a final session with Robert being scheduled soon. Release / Pre-order date TBC.”

Harmon directed the film from a screenplay by Eric Red. The Hitcher has the following synopsis: While transporting a car from Chicago to San Diego, Jim Halsey picks up a hitchhiker named John Ryder, who claims to be a serial killer. After a daring escape, Jim hopes to never see Ryder again. But when he witnesses the hitchhiker murdering an entire family, Jim pursues Ryder with the help of truck-stop waitress Nash, pitting the rivals against each other in a deadly series of car chases and brutal murders.

The film stars C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jeffrey DeMunn, with the late Rutger Hauer delivering one of his greatest performances as the title character. Gene Davis, who played the psycho killer in the Charles Bronson thriller 10 to Midnight, also makes an appearance as a police officer, and if you look closely you’ll see that he gets accidentally kicked in the head by Howell at a certain moment.

The Hitcher is an awesome movie, so I’m very glad to hear that the 4K restoration has impressed the director so much and it’s good to know that fans are going to have the chance to see the movie in this “beautiful” condition.

Are you a fan of The Hitcher, and are you looking forward to seeing the 4K restoration? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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