The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence would “totally” play Katniss Everdeen again

Jennifer Lawrence says that she would “totally” play Katniss Everdeen again for another Hunger Games movie.

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Eight years ago, we bid farewell to Katniss Everdeen for the last time, but could Jennifer Lawrence ever reprise her iconic role in the Hunger Games franchise?

While speaking with Variety, Jennifer Lawrence was asked if she would be open to playing Katniss Everdeen again, and the actress was enthusiastic in her response. “Oh, my God, totally!” Lawrence said. “If Katniss ever could ever come back into my life, 100 percent.” As she looked off-camera, she added, “My producing partner just clutched her heart.

While the return of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss may be a pipe dream at the moment, the Hunger Games franchise will be returning with a prequel movie. The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes takes place decades before the original movies and stars Tom Blyth as Coriolanus Snow, the future ruler of Panem. If the prequel is successful and Jennifer Lawrence is still open to playing Katniss, I could certainly see Lionsgate developing another Hunger Games sequel. When news of the Hunger Games prequel came out, Jennifer Lawrence recalled, “That makes me feel old as mold…I remember being 21 and thinking, ‘My God, one day they’ll redo and remake them. But I’ll be so old by then! I’ll be dead!’

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakesfollows a young Coriolanus who is the last hope for his failing lineage, the once-proud Snow family that has fallen from grace in a post-war Capitol. With his livelihood threatened, Snow is reluctantly assigned to mentor Lucy Gray Baird, a tribute from the impoverished District 12. But after Lucy Gray’s charm captivates the audience of Panem, Snow sees an opportunity to shift their fates. With everything he has worked for hanging in the balance, Snow unites with Lucy Gray to turn the odds in their favor. Battling his instincts for both good and evil, Snow sets out on a race against time to survive and reveal if he will ultimately become a songbird or a snake.

Jennifer Lawrence will next be seen starring in No Hard Feelings, a raunchy R-rated comedy hitting theaters on June 23rd.

Would you like to see Jennifer Lawrence play Katniss Everdeen one more time?

Source: Variety

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