The Oath taken by 2 Guns director Baltasar Kormakur

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Baltasar Kormákur is in pre-production on the psychological thriller THE OATH, which he plans to direct, from a script he co-wrote with Olafur Egillsson. Kormákur directed Contraband, 2 Guns and is coming off the adventure flick Everest.

We don’t know much about the plot of THE OATH, other than it was inspired by true events and is set in modern Iceland. However, a director’s statement from Kormákur gives us some clues as to what goes down in the movie:

The Oath seemed like the perfect next project for me, coming off of a big scale, adventure film like ‘Everest.’ I want to delve into an intimate, dark and psychological world where the characters are claustrophobic and tormented. There is no simple resolution. There is no defined summit. This story is dark and foreboding and uneasy. There is no clear path to resolution and it offers a portrayal of the ultimate choice – life or death. It follows two men whose paths should never have crossed, whose lives should never have become linked and yet they are both completely at the mercy of each other and neither is willing to give up. It seems to me the film offers the opportunity to explore deep moral questions. If you have the power to save a life, you also have the power to take it.”

We’ll let you know when the film starts assembling its cast.

2 GUNS star Paula Patton

Source: Arrow in the Head

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