The perfect gift: a Silent Night, Deadly Night jigsaw puzzle

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

There's a company out there that's called Messed Up Puzzles because each of the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles they've released has been inspired by classic grindhouse horror movies. So far their puzzles have allowed fans to assemble posters for, or famous images from, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, MANIAC, ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND, and PIECES.

The PIECES puzzle was the most genius of all, because it was a blood-splattered version of the jigsaw puzzle that leads to the first murder in that film.

The sixth puzzle from Messed Up Puzzles is now available for pre-order, and it promises to be the perfect gift for this holiday season. This one will allow fans to assemble the iconic poster of the controversial classic Santa slasher SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT

Punish! Messed Up Puzzles presents the first ever jigsaw puzzle that knows when you’ve been naughty. 1000 "sleazy, miserable, insulting, disgusting, worthless, exploitive" (Roxanne T. Mueller, Cleveland Plain Dealer) pieces antler-gored from the original iconic design by Burt Kleeger, complete with vintage folds from before poster tubes existed.

It's the perfect Holiday gift for loved ones (it’s awesome) AND to Punish the coal-deserving (it’s hard).

Officially Licensed.

Our jigsaw puzzles feature box tops that are nothing but the goods (a decorative, removable obi wraps each box). The puzzles themselves are the original art without titles, credits, or any other cheats; unless where noted.

Puzzle size: 50cm x 70cm (19.685" x 27.559")

The SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT jigsaw puzzle goes for $29 and will begin shipping out during the first week of December

If you want one, you should head over to and get a pre-order in, because this is a limited edition and only 500 of them are available.

Messed Up Puzzles Silent Night, Deadly NightMessed Up Puzzles Silent Night, Deadly Night

Source: Messed Up Puzzles

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