The third and final Volumes of Blood anthology gets a title and poster

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories

Having had the opportunity to review both the first VOLUMES OF BLOOD anthology film and its sequel VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES here on Arrow in the Head (and having given 7/10 ratings to both of them), I am a fan of this series and am anxiously looking forward to the upcoming third and final entry.

The first film’s wrap-around segment centered on a group of students trying to come up with an urban legend based around the library they were sitting in, and the second film’s set-up concerned a real estate agent showing people around a house terrible things had happened in. Speaking with Blumhouse, VOLUMES OF BLOOD producer P.J. Starks revealed that the third film will move the action to 

a police station on Halloween morning, where four people have been arrested and brought in for questioning about their involvement in atrocities that took place across the city of Owensboro the night before on Devil’s Night.”

Starks also revealed that the slasher The Face (pictured above) will be the main antagonist in the new film, which will tie up loose ends and bring a “balls out, anything goes” proper ending to the series.

A major update on VOLUMES OF BLOOD 3 hit over the holiday break, with a teaser poster arriving online and revealing that the full title is DEVIL’S KNIGHT: VOLUMES OF BLOOD 3. The teaser features the face of The Face reflected in the blade of a knife – and I have to say, with this being the final chapter in the VOLUMES OF BLOOD, it’s a very nice touch that the knife on the poster is just like the one on the poster of FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER.

DEVIL’S KNIGHT is still in the scripting process, Starks told MartyrCycle:

The wraparound has already been written and the subsequent draft is being finalized by Jason Turner (The Dooms Chapel Horror). I actually just finished the first draft of a "killer kids" sequence while Jason is penning another based on a werewolf story I came up with. In the meantime, Eric (Huskisson) and I are in talks with several female screenwriters about coming on board and we're looking at all the pitches and treatments that were sent to us from various horror writers who want to be involved. It's a really exciting time for the project and so far I'm feeling really good about the overall story we have for the final installment of VOB."

Starks and co-producer Huskisson are joined on this installment by co-producers Andy Palmer and Warner Davis of Petri Entertainment.

As you can see on the poster below, DEVIL’S KNIGHT is aiming for a Halloween 2018 release, so we have a while to wait for this one. We’ll help pass the time by keeping you updated on the development and production.

Source: MartyrCycle, Blumhouse

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