Tom Cruise goes into full drug-smuggler mode in American Made trailer

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Tom Cruise has made a name for himself in recent years as the fearless hero willing to hang off planes for the good of the world, and we have saluted for his service. Now in AMERICAN MADE he’s a gun and drug smuggler on the run from the law, and in the first trailer we see him reaping the benefits of a life of crime. He’s a full-fledged criminal…and we will continue to salute him for his service. Watch below!

Formerly known as MENA, the movie will reteam Cruise with director Doug Liman to tell the story of Barry Seal, a pilot who was hired by the CIA to help counter a communist threat growing in Central America, and who eventually began running drugs for the Medellin cartel. As much as I love seeing Cruise in big blockbusters I'm really looking forward to seeing him tackle a more grounded project. He's such a versitile actor, and seeing him go from hero to criminal will be nothing short of amazing. Dealing with killer mummies will probably require a little cocaine anyway.

AMERICAN MADE arrives September 29, and see Cruise in THE MUMMY June 9.

Source: Universal

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