Trailer for Cabin Fever remake is pretty much the Cabin Fever you remember

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It’s not every day that a filmmaker gives their blessing for someone else to remake one of their films not too long after they oriignally made it. Then again, Eli Roth is hardly your average filmmaker, but he has been on-board with a remake of his CABIN FEVER since the beginning, serving as an executive producer on the redo from Travis Z.

Working off essentially the same script as Roth’s 2002 original, it’ll be interesting to see how Z makes this new version of CABIN FEVER his own. However, from the looks of the trailer IFC Midnight has put forth today, it doesn’t appear as if he’s straying too far from the greatest hits of the original. 

CABIN FEVER can be found in limited release (New York and Los Angeles) and on Digital HD on February 12.

Source: IFC Midnight

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