Ulli Lommel’s Boogeyman Reincarnation scares up a teaser and poster

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

We warned you last June that Ulli Lommel was bringing back his version of THE BOOGEYMAN, and now there is a poster and a teaser trailer to prove that the director has returned to the franchise he created in 1980.

The fourth entry in the BOOGEYMAN series, this one is called BOOGEYMAN REINCARNATION. Scripted by Lommel, Colin McCracken, and David Bond, it has the following synopsis: 

Tracing the origins of one of the most vindictive supernatural killers, BOOGEYMAN REINCARNATION spans generations, lands and time itself to present a riveting and haunting experience.

A terrible crime echoes through the ages, as the souls of the condemned pay an eternal price for their vicious acts upon the innocent. With classic sensibilities and a contemporary feel, BOOGEYMAN REINCARNATION is the spawning of a new era. 

Be sure to check under your bed! 

Filmed in Germany and Canada, the movie stars Skylar Radzion, Laurence Harvey (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 and 3), Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY), Andreea Boyer, and Lommel himself.

In the picture above we see Lommel directing the Boogeyman, who appears to have taken style tips from the BLIND DEAD. The poster and NSFW teaser (there are breasts) can be viewed below, along with a picture of actress Andreea Boyer on set, sporting a look that horror fans might find particularly interesting.

Also interesting is the voiceover on the teaser, which works in references to Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and even the completely unrelated BOOGEYMAN film that was produced by Sam Raimi.

Source: ZombieHamster, Facebook

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