Val Kilmer documentary trailer puts the star center stage

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

For over 40 years, Val Kilmer, one of Hollywood’s most mercurial and/or misunderstood actors, has documented his own life and craft through film and video. He has amassed thousands of hours of footage, from 16mm home movies made with his brothers to time spent in iconic roles for blockbuster movies like Top Gun, The Doors, Tombstone, and Batman Forever. This raw, wildly original, and unflinching documentary reveals a life lived to extremes and a heart-filled, sometimes hilarious look at what it means to be an artist and a complex man.

Directed by Leo Scott and Ting Poo, Val takes audience members on a trip down memory lane and through some of the most cherished times throughout Kilmer’s storied career. If you look closely, you’ll even catch some familiar faces in the trailer, such as Senn Penn and Kevin Bacon. In the trailer, Kilmer talks about how he was recently diagnosed with throat cancer and that it is now difficult to talk and be understood. However, this isn’t going to stop him from telling his story. If anything, his condition has inspired him to speak out about his life after spending so many years in search of his own voice.

If you’re a fan of Kilmer’s work or simply enjoy experiencing inspiring stories about inspiring individuals, Val could be the documentary that lifts your spirits.

Amazon Studios will release Val in theaters on July 23rd, 2021, and on Prime Video on August 6th, 2021.

Val kilmer documentary trailer

Source: Amazon Prime Video

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