Deadly Duos! We look at the horror Tobe Hooper & Robert Englund did together

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

"Due to Copyright issues we couldn't address Tobe Hooper's Freddy's Nightmares episode in our show".

The working relationship between actor Robert Englund and director Tobe Hooper began back in the '70s, when Englund appeared in Hooper's film EATEN ALIVE and delivered a famous (and often misquoted) line about his name being Buck. Over the course of thirty years, Englund and Hooper worked on multiple projects together, including the Stephen King adaptation THE MANGLER, Hooper's off-the-wall Masters of Horror contribution DANCE OF THE DEAD, and the pilot for the Freddy's Nightmares anthology series – an episode that showed exactly how Freddy Krueger became the dream stalker we love and fear. 

Since Englund and Hooper worked together so many times, they were prime candidates to be featured in our DEADLY DUOS video series, which is about…

Arrow in the Head’s series dedicated to featuring the iconic pairings of filmmakers who have worked together multiple times in horror films. Actors and directors, producers and composers, no matter the role or the era, every episode is a journey through the most beloved and classic (as well as obscure and forgotten) pairings that have made for the most memorable films in horror history.

DEADLY DUOS was created by Steven Espinoza and Chris Vander Kaay. Check out the video embedded above to learn all about the work Englund and Hooper did together!

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