We Talk The Orville and Star Trek with Seth MacFarlane & Adrianne Palicki!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I've long been a fan of Seth MacFarlane. This is especially true when this talented fellow takes on certain pop culture references. With his latest hour long series The Orville, he mixes comedy, drama and a bunch of sci-fi and now we have a brand new hour-long series that pays a little homage to Star Trek. On the press line for this latest exploration, we spoke with both MacFarlane as well as his co-star, Adrianne Palicki. Seth discussed his inspiration behind the new series and his love for Star Trek. Palicki talked about becoming part of this impressive crew. And speaking of impressive, The Orville offers up a solid cast of characters that we also had the chance to chat with including Chad L. Coleman, Scott Grimes, Mark Jackson, Peter Macon as well as executive producers Jason Clark and David A. Goodman, and finally director Brannon Braga. This fine group talked about their own sci-fi favorites, and of course, just how much they are looking forward to audiences watching The Orville – look for the series premiere on September 10th.


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