What we’re watching – Jack Danger / Deadflip pinball on Twitch!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

With most of us are stuck at home these days (and for the unforeseable future) and many of our staff watching movies and binging shows like they're going out of business (and sadly, many businesses may be done after all this has passed), we thought it might be a cool idea to provide you our JoBlo.com audience with 'out of the box' shows/series that we are following these days, if only because some of us are "running out of movies" to watch at this point. Different members of our staff will offer their 2 cents in this column, and we ask that you share with others if you dig and feel free to offer us some of your suggestions in the COMMENTS section below.

Our first recommendation is a dude on Twitch who plays pinball, Monday through Friday around 6pm CT (he's based out of Chicago) named Jack Danger (aka Deadflip). You can check out his Twitch channel right here, where you can see archives of his previous videos. Jack is a great ambassador for pinball, loves to play the games, but also teaches you as he plays. He's also a cool dude who likes to drink while he plays (he actually plays better when he's drunk) and has a great personality and also tends to play a lot of cool music playlists from time to time as well. Each of his nightly sessions usually goes for 3-4 hours and he's streamed many of the latest pinball releases including such movie and TV titles such as RICK & MORTY, JURASSIC PARK, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, STRANGER THINGS, DEADPOOL, ELVIRA and many others! You can also check out his YOUTUBE page for some archives of his previous videos although you can't find them all there because of YouTube's stricter copyright restrictions. 






Source: Twitch.com