Wimmer’s Salt picked

Kurt Wimmer
Kurt Wimmer generally makes films of the ass-kicking variety. THE RECRUIT (which Wimmer scripted) and EQUILIBRIUM (which he both wrote and directed) are two of the most underappreciated action thrillers of the last few years and though ULTRAVIOLET was a hot mess with ridiculous use of airbrushing and near painfully obvious CGI, it still had some genuinely good action. Also, as I understand it, Wimmer was f*cked many times over with ULTRAVIOLET so what we saw wasn’t the film he intended to make. The point here is that Columbia recently picked up his spec thriller EDWIN A. SALT and that, schmoes and schmoettes, is good news. The story follows the titular CIA agent who goes on the run after his superiors accuse him of being a Russian spy and of plotting to assassinate the president. There’s currently no director or talent attached so maybe Wimmer himself will decide to take control of this bad boy and unleash some sweet thriller goodness.

Source: Variety

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