Writing on the Riddick sequel will begin next month, says Vin Diesel

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

While the FAST & FURIOUS franchise is definitely Vin Diesel's bread and butter, his passion for the character of Richard B. Riddick has kept the RIDDICK franchise out of the jaws of death for many years. After CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK failed to generate any major critical or commercial interest, it seemed as though the franchise was dead in the water; however, Vin Diesel's tireless enthusiasm thankfully led to the series' resurrection with RIDDICK, a sequel which slashed the budget and returned the series to its R-Rated roots.

RIDDICK was successful enough for Vin Diesel to say that Universal had expressed interest in developing another sequel, and now, Vin Diesel took to Instagram to announce that David Twohy will begin penning a sequel to RIDDICK, titled FURIA, next month.

Of course this is no guarantee that FURIA will ever see the light of day, but when Vin Diesel wants something to happen, it'd be foolish to bet against him. As a big fan of all three films, I'd be overjoyed to see another RIDDICK sequel. Vin Diesel included another item of note in the above post, that of a TV series titled Merc City which will follow the mercenaries and bounty hunters of the RIDDICK universe. The RIDDICK universe is certainly large enough to allow for stories to take place without the main attraction and, if done right, they could serve as a wonderful companion to the films.

Source: Instagram

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