WTF Happened to Poltergeist?! (VIDEO)

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

One of the breakout titles on the JoBlo Videos YouTube Channel has been WTF Happened to…, a series digging into the backstories of all your favorite (and sometimes most hated) films. The idea has always been to provide an inside look at what went right (and often what went wrong) with some of these classics (and non-classics) , so for our new JoBlo Horror Videos channel, we're spinning it off into a series of its own, WTF Happened to this Horror Movie! For our first installment, we're looking at a movie that I'm sure left a huge mark on all of us as kids, POLTERGEIST.

Hollywood has had its share of "cursed" productions, meaning things behind the scenes went badly, but how about those that really were…ya know…cursed, like in a literal way? POLTERGEIST is definitely one of the titles people keep circling back to, with many citing the tragic fates of several folks involved and some spooky goings on behind the scenes as evidence of its cursed status, making it the ideal film to kick off AITH's own horror spinoff of's "WTF Happened to…" series. 

In this installment, you'll learn it's not so much what happened during the making of POLTERGEIST that led to its cursed status, but more what happened long after the film came out. Additionally, we've got the scoop on those pesky rumours that Steven Spielberg ghost directed (pun intended) the film for Tobe Hooper, killer clowns, real skeletons in the swimming pool and more. Check it out!

Source: Arrow in the Head

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