Yep, a Fruit Ninja movie is happening

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

fruit ninja

You had to know it was only a matter of time before this happened. A movie based on the FRUIT NINJA mobile game is in the works. 

With THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE poised for an opening weekend take of about $42 million at the box office, the focus is now heavily on popular mobile games with huge download numbers that can potentially be mined for feature film development… and FRUIT NINJA fits the profile. With over 1 billion downloads globally, FRUIT NINJA is the second top-selling iOS game of all-time. I'll let you guess what's #1 on the list. 

Tripp Vinson will produce the film under the Vinson Films banner with JP Lavin and Chad Damiani set to try writing some sort of script for this idea. I'm not exactly what sort of story FRUIT NINJA could possibly tell, considering the game itself has no story, no plot, no nothing. You simply swipe your finger across your screen, cutting up fruit that's been tossed your way, and… well, that's it. How you turn a very active game as such into a passive experience where you sit and watch ninjas chop fruit is beyond me, let alone one with a feature film running time, no less?

Then again, if they could convince that many people to watch a movie built around ANGRY BIRDS, then this seems like easy money. I'll wait for someone to tackle CLASH OF CLANS though… because you know that's up next.

Here's 2 minutes and 46 seconds though of a fruit ninja in real-life with a Dubstep soundtrack, so that should be more than enough of this whole concept for you.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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