Zack Snyder says he would join Marvel to make an Elektra movie

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Zack Snyder is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated "Snyder Cut" of Justice League on HBO Max and while he has hinted this will likely end his DC Comics involvement, the director has hinted that the competition at Marvel could get him interested if he was given an opportunity to helm a project featuring the character, Elektra.

In a recent interview with "ComicBook Debate", Snyder was asked what Marvel character he would want to do a movie for if given the opportunity and he pointed to Elektra. In fact, Snyder has a specific book that he would love to adapt for the big screen:

“I would choose Elektra Lives Again. Do you know that Frank Miller comic book? It’s a graphic novel about Elektra. Daredevil is having these dreams about Elektra coming back to life, and it’s really cool and weird…It’s just cool, and beautiful. That’s what I would do. No one cares, but that’s what I would do.”

"Elektra Lives Again" certainly fits Snyder's creative sensibilities. The book consists of trippy dream sequences, religious iconography, murder, and sex. Exactly all the dark, fun, and dreary stuff that is right up Snyder's alley. Unfortunately, going that dark doesn't seem to be Marvel's style so we may never have this adaptation come to life but it is interesting to know what Snyder would want to sink his teeth into if he ever got the chance to work with Marvel.

The Elektra character has seen a bit of a spotty live-action run. The character made an appearance in the 2003 film Daredevil, played by Jennifer Garner. Despite the mixed response the film received, Garner received some praise for her portrayal and is often cited as one of the best things about the film. The powers that be took those good notices and thought it would be a great idea to give the character her own spin-off film and the result was 2005's Elektra. Garner once again took on the role but the film was a critical and commercial failure, although Garner once again received positive remarks. The character had a much better reception on the Netflix Daredevil series where she was introduced during season two played by Elodie Yung. Yung went on to play the character again on the Netflix limited series, The Defenders

Would YOU want to see Zack Snyder make a Marvel movie? Would "Elektra Lives Again" be a good live-action adaptation?

Source: ComicBook Debate

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