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CG-animated film Ferdinand starring John Cena drops new trailer


Cartoons and wrestlers have been going together like peanut-butter and chocolate lately. We've had SURF'S UP 2: WAVEMANIA, SCOOBY-DOO WRESTLEMANIA! MYSTERY, THE FLINTSTONES & WWE: STONE AGE SMACKDOWN!, not to mention The Rock starring in Disney's recent hit MOANA.

So now we can add John Cena starring in the Blue Sky CG-animated comedy FERDINAND to that list. The film is based on a famous children's book THE STORY OF FERDINAND about a kindly bull. Here's the trailer:

Eh, looks okay I guess. Not really a fan of most children's animated films (I'm especially wary of any non-Pixar productions), but there was nothing really egregious or eye-rolling in this trailer. Well, besides the song and that "Bullieve" bullshit. Ugh.

Either way, FERDINAND will charge into theaters December 15th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: This would be the second animated adaptation of the story of FERDINAND, as Walt Disney produced a short in 1938.
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