Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez to face off against Jon Voight for Getaway in August 2013

Getaway first sort of still

Now here's an actiony flick that just popped up out of nowhere nearly fully formed - GETAWAY, from Warner Bros, Dark Castle Entertainment, and After Dark Films.

The movie stars Ethan Hawke as a burned-out race car driver forced to get behind the wheel for a criminal scheme when his wife is kidnapped, with, and this is serious now, Selena Gomez as a hacker who helps him out. Jon Voight will be along for the ride (so to speak) as the villain (who presumably did the kidnapping), which all in all makes for an interesting bit of genre "what the f**k." Mainly what's weird for me is seeing Hawke and Gomez together at this stage in Hawke's career. Considering all the man does with the stage, with seemingly picking his projects carefully, with not even doing nearly as many projects as an actor of his stature could... well, it's just damn weird.

Co-directed by Courtney Solomon (DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, AN AMERICAN HAUNTING) and Yaron Levy (camera crew on a whole bunch of movies you've never heard of) from a script by relative newcomers Sean Finegan and Gregg Maxwell Parker, GETAWAY is set to arrive August 30th, 2013.

I've heard this referred to as the poor man's DRIVE, but I don't quite see it.  That being said, the release date doesn't inspire much confidence - maybe it was in someone's contract that this had to have theatrical release? We'll let you know when a trailer drops so that we can all do a better job of judging just what this is exactly, but until such a time: what say you about GETAWAY?

Extra Tidbit: Selena Gomez's character is credited as The Kid.



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