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Moore's new flick


I love stupid people. They're endlessly entertaining.

Today, after watching trailer after trailer before a showing of PELHAM 123 in Los Angeles,a giant image of Michael Moore's head popped up on the screen. He began a heartfelt speech about being willing to give, to help out your fellow man. His charity? "Save the CEO's".

Everyone was laughing as a bunch of ushers in "Save the CEO's" teeshirts passed around coffee cups and asked for donations.

Now, I like Micheal Moore. And right now, a film from him that bashes CEO's would be right up my alley. And even if you hate him, you would get that this is a joke, right? Um...people actually GAVE MONEY!!! I'm not kidding. I actually heard some guy say, "Honey, grab my wallet". Sigh.

The joke was repeated in four cities around the country. No word on how much dough they made.

By the way, I asked. The take is going to a local food bank.

Source: JoBlo.com



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