The CGI Popeye

Marvel is full speed ahead with several projects: GHOST RIDER 2, THOR, AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and...POPEYE.

Marvel head Avi Arad has secured the rights to the tattooed spinach lover for a CGI animated feature. Popeye first appeared in the 1920's in comic form and has moved up since those days. The sailor has taken many forms from video games to advertisements to cartoons, this guy has seen it all.

Robin Williams even lent his comedic chops to show his own version of the beloved POPEYE in the live action movie with Shelley DuVall as Olive Oyl (perfect casting, I might add). The 1980's film wasn't spectacular, but it was the 80's and movies were either too cheesy or just enough cheese that you loved it.

If SMURFS can be brought back, then why not Popeye? A good writer could breathe some new life into the world of the weary Olive, burly Bluto, and the awkward Wimpy. The fun part will be to see who they get to do the voices for the characters. POPEYE has a distinct voice and not just give anyone can do it justice. Any suggestions?

Extra Tidbit: If they did a live action film ever again (which they won't), Russell Crowe for Bluto!
Source: Variety



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